Independent Software Developer

Castedo’s focus since the formation of Castedo Ellerman LLC has been automated trading with Interactive Brokers, including ETF statistical arbitrage. As an independent software developer Castedo has also developed software performing other functions such as DNA analysis, phonetic analysis, statistical analysis, extracting and retrieving financial data, data warehousing of historical data, back-testing and Monte Carlo simulation.

Wall Street and Microsoft


Prior to working as an independent software developer, Castedo worked at investment banks Credit Suisse First Boston and Bear Stearns, working in automated market making and financial analytics for traders. His work included developing a matrix-based expression language for defining multi-asset path-dependent derivative products and a program computing resource-intensive statistics from historical implied volatility of equity options.

Prior to working and studying on Wall Street, Castedo worked as a Program Manager for Microsoft on Internet Explorer during the "browser war" of the late 1990’s. Following Microsoft, he joined silicon valley start-up Tellme Networks which later was aquired by Microsoft.


Castedo earned a Masters of Science in Mathematics in Finance from the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University, ranked #1 graduate school in applied mathematics.

In addition to applied mathematics, Castedo also enjoys theoretical mathematics and published the peer reviewed paper "Leanest Quasi-Orderings" with Professor Nachum Dershowitz in the academic journal Information and Computation (vol. 205, no. 4). Castedo presented the preliminary version of the paper at the 16th International Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications at Nara, Japan in 2005.